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◉ Each charm is intricately hand-drawn/handmade by me, made of precisely cut and drilled wood, which is then sanded down and prepped for painting. Each design is hand-drawn digitally and later printed and cut to size, The print is then ready for pasting and curing and finished with a thick layer of resin. Each piece takes about 4-5 days to make. The beading pattern is unique and precisely chosen for each charm, making all necklaces slightly different and one of kind for you.

◉ Made with a variety of genuine AAA, and AA freshwater pearls, that come in all shape colors, and sizes. As well as genuine and natural crystals and stone beads. and finished with stainless steel finishes.


🌿 Peridot - Great stone for Capricorns as it will bring money, love, and happiness into their life. It Activates and rebalances the heart chakra located in the middle of the breast bone, It can also be used to stimulate and awaken our solar plexus chakra, when the solar plexus is blocked you may lose all sense of purpose and motivation. Peridot balances your mood and helps with letting go of egocentric behaviors, jealousy, resentment, and spite, as well as protection from the evil eye. This stone encourages you to let go of anything that is problematic and weighing you down and go into a world full of love and with a pure open heart. This stone heightens creativity, attracts love, and calms anger by giving renewal to all things.

Rainbow Moonstone - Associated with the Third eye and Crown chakra, excellent for meditation as it helps calm the mind from over-thinking that may disturb peaceful meditation. Rainbow Moonstone is loved for its goddess energy and its beautiful glow. This stone shields the wearers' aura from unwanted negative energies and serves as a great protection stone. Rainbow moonstone stimulates psychic gifts and allows access to universal messages, it also is used to calm an overactive mind to bring in new ideas, it is great to use when getting in touch with your emotions as the moon has always been associated with the emotional world which makes this stone perfect for emotional situations. Rainbow Moonstone is linked to the divine feminine, by tapping into this energy you will have a guiding mother figure with you at all times but in spirit form. If you are moving or traveling or are in a long-distance relationship this stone will keep you safe and your spirits high. The nurturing powers of this stone provide you with comfort and guidance, opening possibilities and encouraging you to believe in yourself.


✨ Peridot and Rainbow Moonstone together will keep your energy near your crown and third eye chakra, these two are great healing crystals and embody a strong and high vibration that will provide you with psychic protection.

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