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”T Ë L Ë P Å T H Ī C  B Ü B B L Ë”

Each earring has a limited quantity of up to 3 pieces

Created with a variety of handmade glass beads, and a mix of metals such as Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel (gold plated) and 925 Sterling Silver. 
Each charm is handmade by Zonelys herself, made of precisely cut and drilled wood, which is then sanded down and prepped for painting. Each design is digitally hand-drawn and later printed and cut to size. The print is then ready for pasting, curing, and finished with a thick layer of resin. Each piece takes 1-2 weeks to make. The beading pattern is unique and precisely chosen for each charm, making all earrings slightly different and one of a kind for you.


Care Instructions

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