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◉ Each charm is intricately hand-drawn/handmade by me, made of precisely cut and drilled wood, which is then sanded down and prepped for painting. Each design is hand-drawn digitally and later printed and cut to size, The print is then ready for pasting and curing and finished with a thick layer of resin. Each piece takes about 4-5 days to make. The beading pattern is unique and precisely chosen for each charm, making all necklaces slightly different and one of kind for you.

◉ Made with a variety of genuine AAA, and AA freshwater pearls, that come in all shape colors, and sizes. As well as genuine and natural crystals and stone beads. and finished with stainless steel finishes.


💗 Rose Quartz - Associated with the heart chakra, where you can direct the healing of your soul body, and mind. One of the most beautiful healing properties rose quartz provides is opening up your heart and aligning you to feel connected, comforted, and open to all possibilities that life can offer. This stone also helps with all kinds of love, romance, family, friendships, and self-love. Rose quartz also has a deep vibration for goddess energy, being connected with divine feminine it carries the aura of compassion unconditional love, peace, and has a very mothering spirit to it. This is a great stone for Libras as it can help them tune into their emotions and help them balance their feelings. Rose Quartz also helps dissolve old hurts and open the heart to trust.

🌿 Prehnite - A great stone for Libras it will protect from fears, worry, and anxiety. This stone is known to heal the healer as it will bring comfort, peace, and unconditional love to your heart chakra, and heighten the flow of life force energy into the body, it harmonizes the body by balancing out the masculine and feminine energies, which then balances the intellectual, emotional, and physical energies. This opens the heart to release fears and negativity. Prehnite is a great stone for meditation as it will aid you to develop your intuition, and enhance your psychic gifts as well as connecting you with your spirit guides, and moving you to a higher level and purpose in life. 



💗 Rose Quartz and Prehnite together will provide the wearer to vibrate with Goddess energy and unconditional love, these stones will help balance your heart chakra, which will help you feel aligned, peaceful, and positive. 

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