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Each charm is intricately hand-drawn/handmade by me, made of precisely cut and drilled wood, which is then sanded down and prepped for painting. Each design is hand-drawn digitally and later printed and cut to size, The print is then ready for pasting and curing and finished with a thick layer of resin. Each piece takes about 4-5 days to make. The beading pattern is unique and precisely chosen for each charm, making all necklaces slightly different and one of kind for you.

Made with a variety of genuine AAA, and AA freshwater pearls, that come in all shape colors and sizes. As well as genuine and natural crystals and stone beads. and finished with stainless steel finishes.


🔮 Amethyst-This stone is known to transform the physical, emotional and spiritual nature of aquarians. This purple quartz is known to be there power stone. Associated with the crown chakra, it Brings tranquility to the wearers mind and helps with focusing on healing any blockages that are holding you back from experiencing happiness. Amethyst is known to be a natural tranquilizer and provides many healing properties, it soothes irritability and stress, eases headaches, alleviates sadness and anxiety, and helps control anger and mood swings. This stone helps aid you through confusing and chaotic moments in life, and can also be helpful with protecting against recurring nightmares, and insomnia to insure restful sleep. Amethyst is extremely powerful and cleansing. It opens the wearers third eye and intuition and heightens psychic abilities as well as the ability to feel others vibrations and energies around you. This is a great crystal to wear when meditating as it is believed to enhance the connection with your higher intelligence and the spirit realm. By wearing Amethyst you are protected from all types of psychic attacks, negative environments and people.

🔅Citrine- A manifestation crystal, that can motivate you to take action, associated with balancing the solar plexus chakra, helping the wearer take control and feel more at ease spiritually and physically. As well as the sacral chakra it will help you energize and fire up your sex drive and physically balance you to feel more energized throughout the day. Citrine attracts wealth prosperity and success, it raises self esteem and self confidence, it invites a sense of style and flexibility. When you are moving along with positivity and a positive mindset, you are suddenly able to attract things of great pleasure back into your life. Citrine teaches you to let go of things that no longer serve you.  It helps stimulate a healthy digestive system, better blood circulation and helps against nausea.


✨This Amethyst and Citrine combination will bring together the psychic and physical world very strongly. These two together will help with increasing happy relationships, and spreading love. As well as increase your intuition, it can also encourage self-love, generosity and attracts wealth. The stones will also help when it comes to decision making with finances.  

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